Sunday, August 6, 2017

It's been another busy week. Billie went off to doggie daycare at The Coastal Dog. They whisked her away and I stood outside the fence listening to her cry for a second before being comforted by the staff person. Oy vey. The owner came outside and said SHE WILL BE FINE. GO. So I did and when I picked her up a couple of hours later, she was happy and exhausted. And dirty.
And what did I do while she had her trial stay at The Coastal Dog? Well, I went to King Eider's Pub of course. Represent! Had a nice haddock lunch and visited with Dan, Bartender Extraordinaire. Also went to the laundromat but why mention the drudgery?
Friday night I went to the Sunflower Celebration for Friends of Thai Daughters, a brilliant local charity supporting safe houses for girls in Northern Thailand. It is such a worthy charity and I hope you will check it out. There were 500 oysters donated (and I would show you a picture of them but I was too busy slurping them down to snap one) and they had delish Thai food and drinks from the local Split Rock distillery. 
It was held in beautiful Darrows Barn and they had a live auction but there were some heavy hitters there so yours truly didn't bid.
Now for the really traumatic part of the week. If Doggie Daycare wasn't bad enough, I took Billie to the groomer for her first bath. She HATED it!
Poor baby hated it and I felt so guilty I lost sleep over it that night. She hated the blow dryer even more. This look says HELP ME! YOU SUCK!
You can see her beautiful eyes now and she is so soft and clean.
Hopefully all is forgiven now.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another busy couple of weeks and now Billie and I are on our own again. Tom and Lu and Gloria came for a week and everybody but Gloria was a little under the weather here and there but all and all it was a nice visit. Lobster, boating and swimming. I didn't get a lot of pictures of the week because I was sick for half of those days but I did get to know intimately my little cave of a guest room. Gotta do something about that room. Dark and close.
So I was telling you about Billie being lonely for Bonnie after she left, and here you see her with her new best friend. So cute. In a pathetic sort of way.
She was sad until Lu and Tom showed up from her Key Largo life and she was so pleased to see them here in Maine.
Baby's first sunset cruise
Breakfast at the Sea Gull shop next to the Lighthouse 

Baby's first lobster
We did a little sightseeing on the last day, going to the fort at Pemaquid Beach and looking at the archaeological digging there. I hadn't been in quite a few years and it brought back memories of taking the nieces and nephews there to run off some energy.

Beautiful Damariscotta Lake

Skipper Tom

My little cottage from the water

Billie and Tom say until next time . . . hasta luego . . .

Monday, July 17, 2017

Well, it's been a week of unpacking and getting settled. My mom and Bonnie have been here so Billie has been entertained. I don't know what we'll do when Bonnie leaves tomorrow. Billie will be so lonely. My mom and I put in some plants yesterday and my little cottage is starting to look and feel like home again. Mom brought me a picture I sent her when we first bought the cottage. Looks a little different now, no?
Here is a shot from yesterday morning. A red canoe ghosting by in the fog.

Bought some chicken eggs from a neighbor and picked up some blueberries at Beth's. Yum!
And just one more:  Caught Billie sleeping in Mom's suitcase. "Don't go!"

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rain off and on but an easy Saturday drive. Well, until Connecticut. What is up with that State? Always traffic.
We made it to Lexington, MA and my sister's house and Billie met her cousins. She is looking at Izzy here. She had a fabulous time running around with Izzy and Bonnie (more pics to come) while I got to visit with Leslie and Tom and Anna and Will and my mom over a fabulous sushi feast.
 Billie was exhausted afterwards and took another night in a hotel in stride as you can see. Tomorrow we will be home!

And look at the best news of all:

Partly Cloudy
WNW 2 mph92%
W 9 mph50%
JUL 10
Partly Cloudy
SW 8 mph59%
JUL 11
Partly Cloudy
SSW 9 mph70%
JUL 12
Mostly Sunny
NNW 7 mph44%
JUL 13
AM Clouds/PM Sun
N 6 mph49%