Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I've been a bit under the weather but feeling fine now and back into the swing of things. Woke up to the sound of driving rain on my roof - love that! - and decided to spend another 20 minutes under the covers but Sophie was having none of that. Feed me, mommy!
We've been experiencing a severe drought this summer so the rain is most welcome and you can practically hear the trees and shrubs and plants and grass giving a big sigh of relief this morning.
So, just to catch you up, I had a visit from my friend, Stacy, a couple of weeks ago and Sophie was in heaven having her here.
 We had a low key visit and spent time in the usual haunts: Beth's farm market, Morse's Sauerkraut,
haha get it? haunts . . . ?

and why are these called Lunch Lady gourds I wonder?
Pemaquid Point with lobstah rolls at the Sea Gull,  shopping in Rockland and Damariscotta and more lobstah.
view of the Atlantic from the Sea Gull Shop
Then on Saturday, I hosted the girls from work to celebrate our friend, Ann, who is going on to bigger and better. We had fabulous BBQ from the Village Grill, Carole's Bob made coleslaw, had fresh buns from the farmer's market and a couple of yummy cakes.

My favorite goofball, Ann-  Congrats!
Ann and I watched Mama Mia after everybody left, my first time seeing it and her umpteenth, and it was great!
So, today is my last day of work for the season and I need to get moving but I am spending this rainy morning playing with my curvy log cabin squares. AT LAST I finished all 64 of them last night. Would have been done much sooner but I needed Jack (the ripper) when I started going too fast and making mistakes. Lots of ripping and now many orphan strips which no doubt will go to good use at some point. So here you see it coming together. Pretty cool! They are easy to do with the curvy ruler but you have to pay attention!
And you didn't think I'd let you go without another sunset picture, did you? This is from a few nights ago. Always changing, ever beautiful.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Woke up to a beauteous sight this morning, the fog lifting off the Lake ushering in a sunny day. 
Sophie and I took a walk and then went to the farm stand this morning for some lovely early pears, raspberries, peaches and red lettuce and I intend to spend the day sewing with some swimming thrown in and maybe a little sunset ride in Barbie Dreamboat. Ahhhh, the luxury of anticipating a lazy summer day.
My friend, Carole, and I got together to make this little Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented. And can I just say that demented is what we ended up after trying to figure out this pattern. Honestly, no pictures and the directions may as well have been in Swedish. Thank goodness for a tutorial online by Quilt Barn or we would have given up. And really, once we got into it (our second try and with much hilarity) it came together ok. I would suggest after turning the binding, to hand stitch it. Much nicer.
3 zip pockets on the inside.
Oh! And don't you just love this sloth fabric? How freaking adorable is that?! It's by Cotton and Steel - easy to tell because their gray is like no other. And speaking of their gray, I finished up my niece's quilt. I think you've seen the front, shown here with the binding all on now.
And here is the back. I ran out of that distinctive gray so bought the patterned piece you see below, also Cotton and Steel-had to be. I think it came out nicely. A modern quilt for a modern girl.

And here is Lu's quilt, all done but the binding. Kind of hard to see in the glare from the windows but the quilting is a little much, it is bubbles, lots of them. I think it will be okay but will take some getting used to. I've made up the gazillion yards of binding and now have to get stitching. But not today. Too much like work. 

Some good reminders here and I need to reread this often, perhaps daily. Enjoy.