Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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So, listen to this. For the second year in a row, my former husband and a woman came to MY town and went to MY pub on MY birthday. Usually that is where I go on my birthday but of course, I was with 36 of my closest friends this year.   ;-)
I bet she doesn't know he is stalking his ex-wife. How sick is this? I mean as in sick-o psycho crazy. Creeps me out but I guess that's probably his goal.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

What happens in Maine. . .

For realsie though, I'm going to tell you all about what happened during my Fabulous Birthday Week. Well, everything I can remember. And can I just say I can't remember when I ever laughed so hard?
So on Friday, I jetted down to Massachusetts to attend my nephew, Will's, graduation (more on that later) and met up with my friend Stacy, who flew in from Virginia. She and I attended Will's party and stayed over, leaving early Saturday morning.
The Graduate
We picked up Florence and Jim in New Hampshire and, after stopping for a lobster roll and the grocery store, drove to our week long abode, Sunset Lodge on Damariscotta Lake. Just a mile or so down from my cottage but room enough to sleep 23.

Above is a picture of Jim in the fabulous kitchen of the lodge. Really well stocked, he had most everything he needed. And can I just say? Jim was the hero of the week. He worked that kitchen like a well oiled machine. Planned meals, shopped for meals, cooked the meals, all with complete good humor and amazing efficiency. No matter there were 29 people for dinner, for Jim it was a piece of cake. We all developed a well earned respect and love for Jim during the week. What a sweetheart!
Florence and Sue reunite
That evening, Sue and Maria and Tom and Lu arrived from Florida, so we were eight for dinner.
On Sunday, my BFFs from Massachusetts, Debbie, Chrissy Rose and Joanne drove up. Naturally, we all trooped down to King Eider's Pub for oysters. And we were eleven. Next, Nephew Nat, wife Sarah and three kids from Florida turned up and my niece Annie and her two kids from Pennsylvania pulled in right behind them. So that night we were 19 for dinner.
The cousins together
Monday we went to the Prison Store in Rockland and if you haven't gone there, you just have to because it is unique and you can get some great buys. One of the convicts who works with the guard behind the counter got permission to come out and take our picture. (He said to me, I haven't held a cell phone in a long time.) Here we all are.
And thank you Maria for organizing us for pictures!
We went to Archer's on the Pier in Rockland for lunch where the food is always out of this world. The owner was awesome, so generous to our little group, and even brought a big bowl of left over icing for the kids!

Joanne and Jim got in on the act after the kids attacked the icing. Too funny.
On Tuesday some of us went to the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point. I took this beautiful picture there (she said modestly)
And there were more arrivals. Laurie and Gloria arrived from Florida. My sister, Leslie (who brought me a lovely diamond tiara I wore for the rest of the week) and Will and Anna drove up from Massachusetts and my sister, Becky from California and my Mom and Lydia and Brad from Michigan arrived. That night we were 29 for dinner. I think.
Dance Party in the dining room that night with DJ CRM in the house! For some reason, I do not have any pictures of that night and I can't say I'm sorry. We danced and danced and sang and may have indulged in an alcoholic beverage or five. We partied til 1am and then woke up to do it all again on,
Wednesday, my 60th birthday! First things first. Strawberry Shortcake at Beth's Farm Market for breakfast! I was surprised at how many showed up. I think we may have all been there. It was absolutely delicious. The best EVER (sorry, Mom). I was too busy eating to take a picture but pulled this one off the web. Fresh strawberries, fresh baked biscuit, real whipped cream. Yummmmm
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And my party? Oh what a time we had, what a fabulous party! My local friends showed up and we were 36 for some live fiddle music with Julia and Baron of Velocipede, a lobster bake from Sarah at Stone Cove, via King Eider's Pub, skinny dipping and a bonfire. So much fun.
My three BFFs from Mass even showed up in prom dresses and presented me with roses for my hair and a pink birthday sash.
losbster bake!

Under the wet newspaper, held down by eggs (when they become hardboiled, everything is done), are lobsters, clams, corn, potatoes. Jason, lobsterman extraordinaire and his brother cooked up this lobster bake for us. We had cakes and pies and I dare anybody to say they went away hungry!
Here are most of us:
And can I just say kudos to my friend Maria for her organizational skills. When she says a picture needs to be taken, she claps her hands, raises her voice and people magically fall into formation. She is awesome!
new friends and old
Key Largo group
Ok, and then there was the skinny dipping.
Tom wore a tutu - this is it above. I may have got a glimpse out of the corner of my eye but really tried not to look. Eeeuuuuuuww! The rest of the skinny dippers shall remain nameless but they know who they are. We went in just after sunset. Lots of shrieking. Man it was cold!
And the party wasn't over. Thursday, we lost my sisters and my mom and Brad and Lydia and Stacy. 13 of us went off into the countryside to tour five wineries. We made it to three. Lots of laughs and I don't think one of us bought any wine. Love the Maine Wineries, hate the wine.
Breakwater Vineyards, Owls Head
Our chauffeured van at Cellardoor
Cellardoor Vineyards, Lincolnville
Maria makes lunch
Sweetgrass Winery, Union
Friday we lost Laurie and Chrissy and Debbie and Joanne. And sorry to see those girls go. Four of us went over to the beauteous Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, continuing the birthday theme we started at Fairchild Gardens in Florida.
 Any idea what Gloria is doing in this photo below??
And then it was off to Bet's Fish Fry. We met up with my nieces and nephews, big and small for only the most fabulous fried fish on the planet.
Below is the Fish in a Dish - 1/2 order!
None of us could finish but that didn't stop us from dashing over to the Bistro for a look at Boothbay Harbor and some fabulous pomegranate and blueberry Sangria. And I have to say that it just took me five minutes to come up with the word "Sangria". I guess that is what it means to turn 60. Memory loss. Yikes!
time for a little shopping in the Harbor
And with the weather finally cooperating, we ended the day with a cruise on Miss Barbie Dreamboat.
The perfect ending to another perfect day
And then it was Saturday. Time for lots of hugs and tears. Said goodbye to Maria and Florence and Jim and Gloria and Lu and Tom and Annie and Lucia and Micah.
 Lucky for me though, Nat and Sarah, Genevieve and Seth and Ben stayed with me for another week of fun at the Lake.
reading Treasure Island
finishing Jim's chili
playing in Rockland
one last sail
a rainbow on our way in to dinner
I am so grateful for my friends and family, for coming to help me celebrate and making this the best birthday EVER! The love and joy I felt this week defies description. I am one lucky 60-year-old!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Had a busy Saturday, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. First stop was a visit to JW's barn to check on Miss Barbie Dreamboat. He said she started right up and we'll get her in the water this week. I put this year's stickers on her and
 put her name on the back.

Then to the garden where I am happy to report Lucy's Lilac is blooming and looking oh so healthy.
 I planted my annual flowers and herbs and stocked up my woodpile.
So why couldn't I sleep? June is like April with lots of anniversaries. The 6th will be my Dad's birthday; Father's Day is coming up. I miss him.The 1st would have been my 31st wedding anniversary. Good riddance. And the 15th will be my 60th and I am gearing up for a fabulous party!
party planning
Lake and dock: ready and waiting