Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's been a busy week. After work on Tuesday, I drove down to Portland and picked up my BFF, Gloria, at the airport and we checked into the Eastland Park Hotel, We had dinner at the top of the East, arriving in time for the sunset and watching the lights of the city come on. It is odd being 15 floors up when one lives on a Lake in Maine and in flat Florida and doesn't often go to the city. I really enjoyed it.
Directly below our window was Congress Square where they were set up for an outdoor movie. I love Portland.
We dined on lobster sliders and get this... wait for it... goat cheese fritters! OMG they were delish.
Thursday we went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and then pampered ourselves at Soakology. Pure heaven. Dan was our massage person and he was awesome.
Image result for soakology
We came home in the heat and humidity where we found Bob and Carole waiting for us so we all jumped in the Lake. We started hearing thunder and while Bob and Carole made a run for it, Gloria and I watched the storm roll in. And then we watched it roll back out. Not one drop of rain although lots of thunder. Maine is thirsty - we're having another summer of drought.
On Thursday, we went to King Eider's - represent! - and we went to River Arts Gallery. Some fabulous paintings and this was only one of them. So amazing.
Then home for more swimming-in much calmer waters than depicted here.
So Friday. Off to the annual Maine Quilts and here are a few of the fabulous quilts there. 
my favorite - all hand quilted. gorgeous
I need to make one of these

Oh hell no!  1/2 inch squares.
love this!

It was a fabulous day and at the end of it, Gloria hopped on the bus and was gone.  poof!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A lovely summer day in Maine yesterday.
Barbie Dreamboat waiting (Sophie aboard)
Out on the Lake
Sunday is the beginning of my work week but the morning belongs to me. Three things I am loving this morning:
1. The latest free meditation from Deepak Chopra and Oprah. Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life. A perfect way to start the day.
2. In Tune Sunday Morning on the radio. Hearing the luscious tones of Bebel Gilberto this morning. Love.
3. A walk in the woods with my best friend. Yes, that would be my Sophie girl.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

We've been experiencing a drought in Maine this summer and for the first time, I went out and bought a hose and sprinkler. Tried to buy it at the local hardware store and they were sold out so I had to make the trek to Rockland. I came home and watered my garden for half an hour thus sparking a massive thunderstorm last night. You're welcome, Maine!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Big news! I have reopened my Etsy store and you can link to it on your right. If you want something different from what's listed, let me know. I planned to have it up and running over a week ago but managing the listings is so time consuming. Anyhoo, any feedback would be most welcome.
the sweatshop
We take breaks when necessary...
Out for a stroll
So I was watching a movie the other night and a mosquito was plaguing me, right in my peripheral vision. I kept batting it away. Except it wasn't a mosquito. I suddenly had a floater. I called the eye doctor yesterday morning and they told me to come right in. So of course I immediately feared the worst. Detached retina. And of course it was nothing of the sort. Just a floater. She said within the next couple of months my brain would get used to it and I wouldn't notice it anymore.
Image result for eye floaters
And get this, it is "age related". People warned me you start falling apart when you reach the big 6-0. Yup.

last night's awesome sunset

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hot summer weather arrived in Maine last week and Sophie and I have been gunking around in Barbie Dreamboat and swimming most days. Back to work today.
I've been trying to stabilize Sophie on pain meds for her arthritis. Poor baby has a lot of pain and stiffness but carries on without complaining. Even though she has a ramp to get in and out of the water now, she has a hard time. The vet has her on so many pills and supplements every day, she has to take an antacid in the morning so her stomach doesn't get upset. She sleeps a lot. (Jeez, this is starting to sound like ME!) But she seems happy and is as sweet and loving as always. In this picture taken yesterday, she is watching some kids out on a swim float. Perhaps remembering her younger days when she would have been right out there with them.
This morning we are having some much needed rain and it is a nice cool 70 degrees. My garden is looking particularly lovely; most of the hydrangeas are in bloom now. 
 I took these pictures between rain showers.
 and the lilies are starting to bloom now too.
My hanging tomato plant has been super productive this year and I can't keep up with it. I've been making some yummy caprese salad. And, it's blueberry time! Delish tiny Maine blueberry time!

Lots to be thankful for on this quiet misty morning. 
Miss Barbie getting a rain rinse

Sunday, July 10, 2016

This is what it looks like at my house this morning. It is a chilly rainy day in Maine
Needed a fire this July morning!
Sewing table with Miss Elna glowing purple
Four things I am loving this morning:
1. Going back to my still warm flannel sheets for an hour this morning with rain drumming on the roof.
2. Steel cut oats with maple syrup and pecans.
3. Case, Lang and Veirs on the i-pod. That KD Lang has a voice and a half.
4. Soft snores from under the table. Oh Sophie love.

What's going on in your world?

Friday, July 8, 2016

I had a fun 4th with my friend Wendy. Nothing like a parade in small town Maine, especially the politically provocative Round Pond parade. This parade has no funding, no parade committee, nothing like that. People who want to be in the parade simply show up before noon and line up. Then the parade starts promptly at noon.
This float starring Trump was pretty funny. The signs said things like: They're mounties, they're lumberjacks and some I assume are good people! I'm building a wall and Canada is going to pay! Deport Bieber!  haha
Say nay to eh!
Another build a wall between U.S. and Canada
"Eh you hosers, keep out, eh! 
Pemaquid Watershed Assoc.
 And yet another build a wall float. Quite the theme this year. This wall was with pabst blue ribbon beer. I didn't know that was even still around. The Great Wall of Round Pond. Not allowed: jaywalkers, roadhogs, Massholes, lawyers, etc. Allowed: naked j-birds, donutholes, fisherman...
The people in this jeep were coneheads. "We seek mass quantities of lobster". "We are from France." v. funny
After the parade, Wendy and I went to Pemaquid Harbor on that perfect sunny Maine day and had oysters and margaritas at The Contented Sole.
On Wednesday, had a perfect afternoon out on Barbie Dreamboat. After lots of wind this summer, it was a peaceful day on the water. Here she is at sunset.
And, a picture from this morning, a cool gray day, only in the 60's. My hydrangeas are just starting to be blue. After no blooms last year, this is going to be a good one.