Sunday, June 18, 2017

I had a happy birthday again this year. But instead of 35 people at a lodge in Maine, it was 13 of my nearest and dearest at a restaurant in Key Largo. I started the day swimming with friends at Connie's beautiful pool, took Billie with me for a pedicure (for me, not her) and then dinner at Encore. I love my friends.
Lu and Tom sprung for not one but TWO chocolate pianos for the table, the signature dessert of Encore. I am not a big fan of white chocolate but the mousse was delish. And just look at how beautiful it is!
 And of course there was the requisite yellowtail snapper with candle and singing. This is the Keys after all.
A few more shots of my Billie and how cute is she??! She has discovered the joys of an open car window.
blowin' in the wind
 And, frisbee is mos def her game. And an excellent way to wear her out. Which is exactly what I am going to do right now before I leave for Our Lady of Perpetual Mimosas.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

A gift

Such a lovely surprise to see my nephew, Nat, and family for the weekend! I love to spend time with them and since they can't come to Maine this summer, this weekend is all the sweeter. We had some good drenching rain so the pool is cooler and really refreshing and of course, in the AC there are always card games.

Seth hanging out
In other news, Billie got an intro to the groomer and now you can see her eyes. She was a bit of a drama queen about it but Michelle was a great and gentle teacher so I think she is going to adjust easily to it. Weird having a dog that doesn't shed but instead grows all this sweet fluffy hair. And check this out: I'm supposed to "pluck" the hair inside her ears! Say wha ?
Chillin in her big girl carseat

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's wrong with this picture?

My beautiful back yard
I'll tell you what's wrong with this picture: it's beautiful to look at but it's like a bazillion degrees out there and don't get me started on the humidity, so it's impossible to go out and enjoy it. The pool is a steamy 91 degrees in the afternoon! It feels refreshing for about 2 seconds but only because the air is even hotter. Bleh.

So here I am in hot humid Florida while it is cool and rainy and delicious up in Maine. Why you may ask?  Well, because of Billie. That's a long trip for a little puppy and then there is the issue of the springtime ticks up north. It's a lose-lose. Heat and humidity vs blood sucking vampires. There's gotta be a better way but I don't know what it is. 

For now I'm just grateful to have the best of both worlds. But June in Florida? Never again!

New harness 

Billie has outgrown her travel crate so here she is in her new harness which clips in to her new carseat. The seat is elevated so she can see out the window. Here we are driving by the park so she can see it. Because it's too freaking hot to get out and walk in it.  Bad mommy! Bad bad!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

It was a slow week at the office as the boss was out of town and we got to come in late and leave early. Here is Billie hard at work by the file cabinet while I'm at my desk. As you can see, she brings her supplies with her. No patients so her position as official greeter (which she excels at by the way) wasn't happening. Tomorrow we'll be busy. We went to the monthly quilt guid meeting yesterday and she was good as gold.
So, remember the big fat Airstream I bought last spring?  Well, here is a little update.
My pal, Wendy, came for a visit this winter and painted the walls and cabinets and sweated her butt off and I am ever so grateful to her. Here are the cabinet doors drying in the sun. She even had me sanding out there for about five minutes. (Not my favorite job.) It was quite the challenge to remove the carpet (called mouse fur - no, really that's what it's called!) from the walls. I spent a good month on that alone.

Now the floors are in and the quarter round on. Look at the yummy yellow walls. The floors are laminate and installed on top of a pad so they feel spongy to walk on, after walking on plywood all this time. This week I'm going to try the peel and stick "tile" I got for the kitchen and I'm thinking of wallpaper on that faux wood that we didn't paint so stay tuned.

Won't it be nice to have your own little place to stay when you visit me in the Keys?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Baby's first frisbee

This here is a happy Billie. I got her a little frisbee and oh does she love it!

I had to take my emotional temperature today. It would have been my 33rd wedding anniversary. A little tug of loss. Nothing major. I'm good yo.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Well, I've had a long term relationship with grief but I think I'm over it. Finally. Keeping someone's memory alive has its voluntary and involuntary properties. You want to and you don't. But I've talked and thought and remembered ... my husband, my father, my Lucy, my Sophie. And because I have loved and lost, I realize I am all the better for it and now I am moving on.

Now to introduce you to the new love of my life. Her name is Billie, after my Dad.

At 7 weeks
10 weeks - the day I picked her up
A few days ago at 12 weeks

And yes, she is the most precious adorable little girl and she fills my heart up. It is so good to have love in my house again and I am so grateful I took the leap, even though I was scared to fall in love again. 

She's getting big! I'll keep you posted.

Monday, February 6, 2017

How I spent inauguration week.

Thoroughly sick of politics as usual, I (and three of my closest friends) escaped from it all and flew out of Miami, through Dallas/Fort Worth, to Queretaro, Mexico, where we rented a car and drove an hour into the mountains of interior Mexico to the town of San Miguel de Allende to escape the negativity of American politics and loose ourselves in a wonderful adventure.

As seen in Miami at the airport
We checked into Posada de Ermita, an older hotel and into our suites. Me with some trepidation, never having had a roommate in my life, unless you count my former husband, and who wants to count him?
Lu, Gloria and Tom in the lobby
My friend, Gloria, was the ideal roommate.
Our bedroom. We also had a living room and a large loggia.

San Miguel de Allende is an old colonial city of about 100,000 people, with some 15,000 being expats from America and Canada. The altitude is 6500 feet and we all noticed it. Shortness of breath up and down these streets and a pounding heartbeat.
Our street
The street down into town. And I walked UP this street too!

All action takes place around el centro below and La Parroquia, seen above. There is always a crowd, people just sitting, musicians, artists sketching, cafes on all sides and ice cream and fruit vendors among others. All at the feet of the cathedral.

Tom models the wares

Many of the expats seem to check in at the library, seen above. Quite the mural, right? It is where the english newspaper of weekly events comes out and you can see postings for what's happening and where and it is the site of a lot of volunteer activities. Most expats you meet are giving back to this community in the form of tutoring or fund raising for scholarships, etc.
This is where Gloria and I took Spanish immersion lessons each day with our teacher, Javier. I wish I had a picture of him - looked a little like Sammy Davis Jr. He was funny and wise and taught us a lot and we liked him quite a bit.
As you can see, we ran into an old friend here. Florence is living in SMA for three months and we saw her every day. Here we are at The Restaurant (yes, that is the name), our second night in town. I did not have even one disappointing meal. The food was wonderful everywhere we went.

This is a little three day old goat and yes he wears a red sweater and pampers. His mother kicked him out and he has bonded with the woman who looks after him, feeding him every two hours and even sleeping in her bed. So sweet.
I took these pictures in the Market de los Artisanias.

Here is La Parroquia all lit up at night. That night there were dueling bands of mariachis playing. Noisy and chaotic and lots of happy faces all around us.

A rally against 45 in the square

The most important meal of the day: Desayuno!

On the birthday of Ignacio de Allende (there is always some celebration going on but this was a big one), there were women protesting the killing of three children and here are the policia surrounding them. Not clear on the details.
The lovely Florence!
We were headed for the Instituto de Arte and happened upon this ginormous parade that went on and on and on. It ran head on into the protestors and policia above but all was peaceful and after about 15 minutes, the protestors headed up the street, the parade following them.

The sweepers at the end
A big women's march to coincide with Washington, Boston and myriad others
We went to the roof of the Rosewood Hotel for sunset and dinner one night. You can see La Parroquia on the horizon. It was chilly but well worth the view and the tapas and margaritas were to die for!

Best mariachis I ever saw!

These paper mache people lead wedding parties through the streets and this day, showed up for the festivities in the square.

Lu and Tom
The girls

On our last full day, we went to La Escondida, a hot springs with grottos, just outside of town. It was hard to get into a bathing suit in 60 degree weather but the water was warm and wonderful. 

Image result for la escondida san miguel de allende

I usually travel alone but I thoroughly enjoyed being with everybody. It took a lot longer to get organized each day so we weren't able to take advantage of the art or cooking classes but we had so much fun. I would go back in a heart beat. A big pounding heart beat.