Sunday, June 24, 2012

Look at who's 18 today!!

(doing what he does best)
Congratulations, Josh!!
Maine is in full summer mode these days and yesterday was no exception with the annual Pirate Rendezvous downtown. Its fun to drive in to town and see a guy in pirate gear pushing a baby stroller across the street or a couple of "wenches" checking out the new bestsellers in the bookstore. 
Charming couple hanging out downtown
King Todd of Eider in the middle of things as usual
The pirates arrive - unfortunately there was no wind so they had to motor. :)
They are met with heavy artillery
Avast me mateys (and what does that actually mean?)

 Here is my new temporary dock. It is tiny. When I will have my real dock is anybody's guess. Something with being hung up in Customs, coming from Canada, blah blah blah. The whole process has been very frustrating and I'm not naming names but the fault lies with a lumber company in town with the initials NCH. The good news is that the old float dock is now a swim float out in the Lake. Cool.
 And, last night right before a round of heavy thunder and lightening and rain coming in under and around the windows, this loon took cover by the dock.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well, I have to say I am pretty darned proud of myself. I finished stacking my wood yesterday. What you see is two stacks thick. Sounds kind of weird but I'm having serious happy-owner-of-my-very-own-cordwood feelings. 
*  *  *
So, with nephew Josh as my escort, off we went to the first annual Fur Ball, to benefit the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. It was held at the Round Top Barn and there were contests and a live auction and yummy food by King Eider.
Sarah and Jed served up "Muttini's"
A couple of contestants. Hey, who's in charge here?
Round Top Barn
A contestant in the Formalwear Competition.
Scuba diver
14-year-old Floey-Jane
Another cutie in the formalwear category
My escort after the party
* * *
And just one more:

I'm loving my new blue oilcloth. Sweet!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day . . .

. . . to my Dad
So, Josh and I drove down to overnight in Mass to celebrate Dad's Day and my birthday and my daddy's birthday and Josh's birthday. We had a great time: a walk in the woods, a fabulous dinner and presents and the next day we toured the North End of Boston, visited my ancestors, had lunch and hit the road back to Maine, the Way Life Should Be. Whirlwind. Here are some pix.
The fish that made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might enjoy. Salmon with a mango salsa - so good. Lucy thought so too.
Scenes from the North End
Paul Revere's house
and the man himself
"A smile is always in style."
Dog tags outside the old North Church, symbolizing the lives lost in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. 
Josh (and what happened to that chubby little boy who never stopped talking?)
My sis
Leslie proves that a body can fit between the grave markers
 Cannot stop laughing when I look at this last picture.

Friday, June 15, 2012



What happened? I had ideas. There was a life ahead. Where did I go? What can I tell you. I had stuff to do. I needed to get married and go under cover for twenty-eight years, be pleasantly smothered. I mean to come back but the path is uneven and not the same as it used to be and I'm still getting used to finding my way/my self. My affirmation from Louise Hay today says, "Deep at the center of my being is an infinite well of love. I allow this emotion to consciously flow to the surface."  ooooh, I like that. Sounds like a good direction to go.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well, summer has finally arrived in Maine. We were actually in the 70's and the sun has been shining for two whole days now and supposed to be lovely again today. I have my  work cut out for me, as you can see. I had a cord of wood delivered and it is waiting to be stacked. Not naming names or anything, but a few friends from Florida seemed to have burned my whole remaining woodpile - not used to the Maine cold or the novelty of a fire, I reckon. (can't believe I actually just said I reckon)
 My nephew, Josh, painted my picnic table for me yesterday. (hmmmm I wonder if I have any stencils lying around in my studio . . .) I love this happy yellow. Josh said the color was "marigold." Sweet.
Miss Elna and I did whip up a few Willa Wallets using my new oilcloth. I love this one. To me, it says "fifties farmhouse kitchen wallpaper." Know what I mean? 
I wanted to show you this pretty pink moth - She's been hanging around the house for a few days. One day on the front porch, one day in the living room, here in the bathroom. I've never seen a moth with these colors before. Have to admit when I enlarged the photo, I was a little creeped out about the pink horns though. zoiks
And finally, sunset is back after all the rain and it was worth the wait. Here is the view from my cottage and I never get tired of it. So beautiful.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prototype:  Here is a little oilcloth wristlet - I tweaked a Valorie Wells pattern and am still trying to get the slots right. Your cell phone fits in a pocket on the back. How cute is that!
A glimpse of summer
I spotted the first roadside strawberry seller yesterday. She was one of those Mainers with no front teeth so I knew the strawberries would be fresh picked. (hard to explain) They are about two weeks early this year and oh so delish! 

In other news, I picked up my nephew, Josh, from the train station. He is about 7 feet tall now. howza  So, he couldn't wait to get home and go for a swim. I said are you crazy and he said, you know I like cold water. I turned on the tap and had him feel the temperature but off he went anyway. I took the camera out to document the momentous event - I've never gone in this early. Well, he managed to get in up to his calves. And then he was out and hotfooting it back up the (partial) dock (or should I say "coldfooting it".) ha! I didn't say I told you so. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well, this is what it looks like at my house this morning. The rain has finally stopped. A nor'easter has been sitting on top of us for the last few days, with record rainfall. And, get this: the high temperatures have been in the 50's.
Check out the little creek next to my house. Not so little anymore. I'm loving the sound of the roaring water but enough is enough now.
I have been working on four throw pillows to match Marilyn's quilt. I've done a zipper back hidden with a flap. First time ever, after finding this free tutorial online.

 I think it looks pretty good. But, I'll be glad to be done and working on something new and fun - stay tuned . . .
 A word to my Bali girls, this first batik I've been using has a back and a front! hmmmm

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Look what was waiting for me in the bathtub last night. Ginormous wolf spider. It was a fight to the death and I won't go into details but it involved roach spray and a tank full of hot water before I finally got him down the drain. Zoiks, those things freak me out.
I was wanting a bath after a long day at the 2012 Spring into Summer Shop Hop. But I digress . . . cue swirly music that means we're going back in time . . .
The Lady Slippers are in bloom by the thousands - literally.
So Friday, I did my volunteer gig at the Maine Coastal Botanical Gardens, driving the shuttle, which I love. And, you must go because it is more gorgeous than ever this year. Just fabulous. However, on this particular day, there were about 6 trillion second graders at the gardens. See this smile pasted on my face? My cheeks hurt when my shift was over. I am saying under my breath through gritted teeth, get in the freaking cart and shut it!. Just kidding hahaha  ha
When I was done, off I went to King Eider for a celebratory glass of champagne and half dozen oysters. Yes! I'd been planning this for ages to celebrate my website and store launch. Damariscotta has the BEST OYSTERS EVER. And, if you are ever in town, give me a call and I will meet you at the Pub for oysters. yum
Ok, so the Shop Hop. Oh, did we have fun! It was a yucky rainy day but that did not deter us. Sue showed up at my cottage at 9am on the dot and off we went.
Our route
We put 150 miles on the Prius and visited six quilt shops. You buy your passport at the first shop you visit and then you have it stamped at each shop. When you have all of your stamps, you turn in your passport and sit back and wait to  be called and told about all the wonderful prizes you have won. (still waiting . . . )  The hop lasts three days but since I had the Gardens on Friday and I'm off to work today, we packed it all into eight hours yesterday. I drooled over the batiks that Sue bought but -- well, you'd better sit down for this -- I did not buy any fabric!  You need smelling salts now, don't you? Yes, I managed to restrain myself. Bali sustains me. Anyhoo, we were back by 5pm so made an efficient use of our time.
And, let me tell you, the girls were Not Happy. Miss Sophie paid me back by digging a hole in the driveway and tearing up the welcome mat. I suspect she tried to get into the dogfood too but so far, she is denying it.