Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Well, I've had a long term relationship with grief but I think I'm over it. Finally. Keeping someone's memory alive has its voluntary and involuntary properties. You want to and you don't. But I've talked and thought and remembered ... my husband, my father, my Lucy, my Sophie. And because I have loved and lost, I realize I am all the better for it and now I am moving on.

Now to introduce you to the new love of my life. Her name is Billie, after my Dad.

At 7 weeks
10 weeks - the day I picked her up
A few days ago at 12 weeks

And yes, she is the most precious adorable little girl and she fills my heart up. It is so good to have love in my house again and I am so grateful I took the leap, even though I was scared to fall in love again. 

She's getting big! I'll keep you posted.