Thursday, November 29, 2012

The girls chased THIS

off the dock and into the water yesterday. Zoiks!  Other than that, I had a lovely day with my friends. Went for a walk in the hammock (that's what we call the forest here in the fab fla keys), had lunch at Num Thai and ended the day with a swim and hot tub at the Holiday Inn.
bathing beauties, Marilyn and Gloria
Sundown at my house
and the moon just before daybreak today.
I haven't been writing much because I've been a little down. Maybe it's seasonal affective disorder but I think it's the holidays. Just got to get through the next month and I'll be back to my old self.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This is what 70 looks like!

Our beloved Gloria turned 70 on Thanksgiving and aren't we all so thankful she is in our lives!
posing in front of her latest work in progress
surprise luncheon at Island Grill organized by David and Erica
* * * 
Kind of ticked off at Google this morning because they told me my quota of pictures is full and I have to pay if I want to upload more pix to my blog. I had to go to Picasa, join Google +, and delete some of my albums, thus removing pix from my blog, in order to have more room. I am certainly not interested in paying for the privilege. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Debbie and I went to the annual fundraiser for Island Dolphin Care last night and had a FABULOUS time! Island Dolphin Care, right down the street from me, does "dolphin therapy" for children with special needs or at risk and wounded veterans and their families. A super good cause and well worth a visit if you are ever in my neck of the woods.

The party was held at the Big Chill - shout out! Wonderful food, great music, silent auction (my own personal weakness and yes I got some goodies), live auction and lots of freebies from local businesses and even some little handmade dolphins and starfish at each place setting with quotes from the kids and parents tied to them. Attention was paid to every little detail and wow were they organized. The event was outside on the Bay and held around their pool, with a fire burning right in the center of it. Very

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apparently two weeks is how long it takes me to settle in to a new place. Today, for the first time, I walked in and looked around with some sense of satisfaction and belonging. (It helped that the bug guy was here to de-roach yesterday and Las Senoras came and cleaned. And, I am finally unpacked.) Gloria and I have our studio up and running and have been starting to have some creative time together so that's a beautiful thing. Life is good.
work space
living space
So here I am settling in, seeing my peeps, back at work, loving life and somebody has to harsh my mellow and tell me that Thanksgiving is next week. Well, I guess I'll deal with the holidays as they come and move on. Not planning for any kind of a meltdown this year.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can I just say . . .

there are three things that are really pissing me off this morning.

1. Men who do not respect their marriage vows. Especially those in high places.

2. Roaches, especially when they are called "palmetto bugs." Yes I have them. ick

(and the two above have much in common, if you ask me)

3. Christmas music in the stores before December!!!!!

Ok, I'm done and now I will mindfully spend the rest of the day thinking about what I love.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ben!

This little guy is one year old tomorrow!
I spent the morning at the show and then met up for lunch with five of the loves of my life and here are three of them.

I met my my sobrino y familia for lunch at City Place and it was short but sweet. I felt like I could sit there and look at those faces for six more hours.

But, duty called and off I went back to Key Largo and the girls. I arrived around dusk on a Friday night to the sounds of my neighbors down from Miami for the weekend. I love when the neighborhood comes alive with salsa music and the smells of barbeque.

Don't read on unless you want to see some more of the fabulous quilts from the World Quilt Show.
These next five quilts are by Gloria Loughman. I was wait listed for her class but didn't get in, alas. She teaches how to paint a landscape with fabric. Just gorgeous. Maybe next year I can learn from her. 

 There was no light source on this next quilt. It is all shades of fabric and thread. Amazing!

This quilt was titled, Mount Dogmore but I thought it should be called Mount Ruffmore. haha
This quilt was super well done but it gave me the creeps - I think it was the photo face or something - not sure . . .
I think a man did this next quilt. I would call it an exception to the rule of creativity.
Called, Waiting for the Mail, and one of the winners.
I had so much fun and with the added bonus of seeing my family, well I am filled up with gratitude.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What a luxury to stay as long as I wanted to at a fabulous quilt show. I am spending almost two whole days at the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach. I got here at about 11:30am and the next thing I knew, I looked up and it was almost 6pm! Never even thought about lunch. Great show; beautiful quilts. It is inspirational but also wicked humbling to see the work of such amazing, creative women. AND, I get to go back tomorrow morning. I am practically giddy with joy!  Woohoo!!
first glimpse of the show   . . . oh yeahhhhh. . . my people!
Also, feeling the love from my wonderful friends, Katrina and Sue, who are looking after the girls while I'm gone. Here's the look I got when I left this morning . . .
Lucy: anxious.  Sophie: pissed.
I'm staying at the Marriott right across the bridge from the convention center; they're offering a great rate for us quilters and a shuttle - awesome. What a treat to stay in a decent hotel with lovely linens and a nice mattress (and check it: I'm only here because there are no doggies with me (my life screams out for an RV, right? right? Am I right?)
oh la
And now for a few of the quilts:  Just say oooooooooooohhhhh and aaaaaaaaahhhhh - You know you can't help yourself.
Look how fabulous Neptune is and now look below for a detailed look at his abs. Seriously? Just fabric shapes, raw edge applique - amazing imagery, ingenious - wow!

I think the creator was absent due to a seizure disorder - kidding..haha
The next five are titled The Florida Keys Experience. I was a little miffed that a Miami guild was representing the Keys and I think the Florida keys Quilters might need to STEP UP GIRLS. Anyhoo, they did a really nice job - these are just a few  .  .  . 
Key West chickens
We ARE the "dive capital of the world" dontcha know 

And a special Kaffe Fassett exhibit- oh oh oh one of my fave designers.
Can't believe this is a Kaffe quilt. Such bland colors for him.
The next few are much more in character. I have the book - so cool to see them in person

And some wonderful purples
- loved these!
fabulous curves
 The next few were to do with mental illness, thru the eyes of caregiver, friend, family, etc.

Titled "Moody Blues"
This was done with gauze, sort of pulled apart and stitched - v. cool.
And on a lighter note: 

Ok, I just loved this one. So sweet, so cute, so creative. 
 Being in the presence of all of this talent is inspiring and I can hardly wait to get home and get sewing. So grateful for this opportunity - thanks again Kat and Sue for making this possible!!

. . . and I have something even more wonderful in store for tomorrow . . . stay tuned