Tuesday, May 31, 2016

So happy to see this scene out of my window yesterday on a gray drizzly day. Time to put in the dock!
Sophie is very pleased to have it back in and took a leap off the end after a stick. The expression on her face was priceless when the temperature registered in her brain. She is used to an 88 degree pool in Florida. I don't know what the water temp is here but when I run water over my wrists, they get numb!
 I went into town and caught the Memorial Day parade. I spotted this little man, saluting as the veterans paraded by. Sweet
This is the local high school band. And what is it about a marching band that gets me all choked up? As my dad would say, what a sap.

My friend Wendy and I met up at King Eider's Pub - represent!!! - and slurped some oysters and I came home to a beautiful sunny day.
* * *
I took these pics this morning. When I looked out, I saw this mini tsunami coming out of the fog. Pretty cool.
Another beautiful sunny day as the fog burns off.
I've finally got my bedroom and bathroom unpacked and the laundry done. Now for my studio and sewing stuff and believe me, no way no how will any fabric be culled. I will find a place for it all.
my little studio

Sunday, May 29, 2016

No doubt about it, I have way too much stuff. Every nook and cranny in my little cottage is full. I've enjoyed living more simply with less in Florida this winter. I have spent the last five years gradually letting things go and I no longer have to rent storage space so things have improved but ...
Where to put all of these clothes with my closet and drawers full? Where did they used to live?
I did manage to cull three grocery bags full and a dozen or more hangers full. And if you want any of this stuff, drop me a line because it's going to the consignment shop and the thrift store on Tuesday. It's a start.
Here is a picture taken through my window last night and oh how I love my little piece of paradise. Beautiful, isn't it? Taken through the window because while it is still light, the black flies are lying in wait for me just outside.
And I took this picture this morning. FYI, it is what I see when I open my eyes in the morning. So grateful for this.

* * *
Now for some really really big news. My mum got a dog!! She is a rescue and her name is Bonnie. Mom will not like this picture of herself, sent to me by my niece, but just look at them smiling at each other. So sweet!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Back in Maine: The Way Life Should Be!

After a night in Massachusetts where I had dinner with my mom at her new place (fab!) and my beautiful niece, Anna, I left early and had a nice easy morning drive up to Maine. I arrived in time for lunch and made a beeline for Larson's Lunch Box for my first lobstah roll of the season.
I unpacked half of LaToya, got two black fly bites and gave up. They are wicked. I know those won't be my only bites either because with the weather turning nice, I am going to want to be in my garden. Sophie and I are happy to be ensconced in our little cottage and that's all for now.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

So yesterday . . .

You know what's worse than having a blow-out in Pennsylvania? No, not the godawful traffic in any town of any size in Connecticut. I DESPISE Connecticut for their horrible traffic. No, it was driving into Massachusetts and coming to a complete stop because of a horrible accident, then all of a sudden accelerating and putting my hand to my neck because, I don't know, maybe a little tickle? To find a FREAKING TICK.
Image result for cartoon tick
OMG I hate those vampires. Yuck. So, I picked him off my neck while swerving right and left and trying to hold him between thumb and forefinger and maneuver the window down while maintaining autopilot and avoiding all the Massholes converging on the right and left going even faster than moi. And I still feel itchy.
Image result for crazy boston traffic
swarming massholes-I kid you not

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Had a pretty easy day on the road Monday. Heard Diane Rehm interview Mary Chapin Carpenter and spent a good 20 minutes sobbing uncontrollably as she talked about losing her parents this year AND going through a divorce. The Things We Are Made Of is her new album. Described as "a rough journey in middle age." I could relate.
Image result for driving while crying
Made it out of Florida and through Georgia and South Carolina. Made it to Statesville, NC in time for Sophie's dinner in the parking lot. Loving the cool temps.
Watched the Kardashians for the first (and last) time last night. OMG what a humongous waste of time/lives. Made me want to cover my eyes and stick knitting needles in my ears. Thankfully, I had the remote so it wasn't necessary. If I had to give that show and those people one word it would be USELESS. Just one woman's opinion.
So this morning, off we went with a satisfying and healthy breakfast from The Bistro at my hotel. Shout out to Courtyard. Best one I've ever stayed at. Even if they charge a fortune for Miss Sophie to stay.
Another day of pretty light traffic through North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. That is until I hit Pennsylvania. I-81 in PA is always horrible. Mostly trucks, all going 85 mph. I was in the fast lane with an hour to go to my hotel when it sounded like a bomb went off on the back bumper. Sophie practically levitated to the front seat and I managed to weave around 16 wheelers to the side of the road. Called AAA and they told me to call 911 because OMG the trucks were practically shaving the side off LaToya. What a nightmare. But it could have been a lot worse. After 20 minutes, a state trooper showed up and parked behind me with his lights going. What a relief. Then a scary looking guy pulled up in a tow truck and after removing Sophie and half my stuff from the back of the car, changed my tire in 10 minutes flat.
He said Yew cain't drahv wit dat tar on 81. So I said do you know of a tar, I mean tire, shop? He said foller me. So I did and then I thought well what if he's an axe murderer or worse, wants to force me to pierce my face in multiple places to look like his? So I called my BFF Stacy and she stayed on the phone til we got to the tar, I mean tire, shop and I could give her the name of it. Well. three skin heads with pierced everything waved me into the garage and they couldn't have been sweeter. Brought Sophie some water and had me out of there in less than a half hour. Bless!
An hour and a half later, we were in our fave La Quinta in Harrisburg. Sophie remains a bit traumatized, refusing to leave my side and get up on her comfy bed, preferring to be under the desk where I'm sitting. 
Feeling extremely lucky tonight. Could have been so much worse.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

This right here is the pitiful little face of anxiety. I see mommy packing the car, will I be going too?
We've stayed too long in the Fabulous Florida Keys this year. It has gotten hotter than hades in the last week. 91 degrees when I left Key Largo at noon today, 93 when I landed in Palm Coast at 5:30. No thank you. Farewell Florida.
So the reason I was so late to leave is my kitchen has been having a little re-do that took longer than it was supposed to. I snapped this pic to show you the final result. Finally finally, you will not see my fridge when you come in the front door (super negative feng shui that). I think it is super cute, don't you?
And before Sophie and I took off, I snapped one last pic of my garden. Trusting I will see it this healthy when I get back in the Fall.
 And this one of my beautiful pool.
 I am so lucky to live in such a paradise. Although I gotta tell you, the pool was 93 degrees last night. Not exactly refreshing.
And here we are in Palm Coast. This is why I book two queen beds. Sophie does love having her own bed. A nice driving day. Very little traffic, 78 mph the whole way (8 IS my lucky number you know). Tomorrow wishing for cooler temps and lower humidity with the goal of Statesville, North Carolina.
Nighty night

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I've been working on blankets for Honor Flight. Do you know what that is? It's a non-profit dedicated to providing veterans with "honor and closure". They fly WWII vets and their "guardians" (Vietnam vets out of Florida lately) to Washington DC to visit the memorials dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of them and their friends. It's all first class flights, food, entertainment, etc. Over 20,000 went last year and there are another 20,000 on the waitlist. Anyhoo, that's a lot of blankets. Pretty easy sewing though. Cut out a cozy fleece and sew the service insignia to it. I just finished these for Navy veterans.
And speaking of sewing, here are a few beauties from my monthly quilt guild meeting. I didn't take my show and tell because it's not quite done but I'll show it to you here:
It's an umbrella! I can't believe I made a freaking umbrella! And here is Sophie posing next to it, of course. It still needs the trim and the gold ring on top.
One block wonder. Can't wait to do one of these
Marie made a tuffet
Maria's carpetbag. I snagged this pattern too.
And in further news of the week, my friend, Debbie, took me up to Miami for the soul sucking business of getting a colonoscopy. Yes, although there are many plusses to turning 60, this is not one of them. Dr. Goldberg was a real laugh riot and I could not get out of there soon enough after having to wait for 3 hours. Of course, the worst part of the whole thing is the prep which started the night before. Thankfully, I will not need another one for years.
Image result for colonoscopy cartoons

Monday, May 9, 2016

Last June

Remember the tree we planted last June when I went to Ann Arbor to celebrate my Dad? Here it is today.
Healthy and happy today

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Here she is helping me finish Lu's quilt. Those purple flowers behind her are from the Alzheimer's Walk I did to honor my Dad. In the last year she has lost my Dad and Rose and has made a major move to a different state. Throughout it all, she has remained strong and optimistic. Love you, Mom!
A few days ago, my friend Maria showed up at my door with a big shopping bag full of hats and leis, announced that today would be my Key Largo birthday celebration! and three cars of girls jetted up to start the day at Fairchild Botanical Gardens.
Here we all are
ornamental pineapple
Blue herons Chihuly glass sculpture
Not sure what the name of this giant palm tree is but it is monocarpic, meaning it has lost all of it's fronds and has been producing fruit exclusively for some time now and when the fruit dies, the palm is a gonner. I think I got that right. Kind of sad.
On a happier note, we were lucky enough to be in the butterfly enclosure when they released the newest hatchlings. And I'm sure they are not called hatchlings. The man set them on our hands and one by one they opened their wings - beautiful bright blue on the outsides - and flew into the flowers. Except mine. I waited and waited and finally I asked the man to take it off. Scritchy scratchy little legs. The man said it probably was enjoying my hand lotion or soap. A special experience to be sure.
This photo shows the backdrop to our fabulous lunch at the beautiful Mediterranean styled Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. It opened in 1926 with this enormous 150' by 225' swimming pool. 
Home in time to feed the Sophster and couldn't have had a lovelier birthday celebration. Thank you, my friends.