Monday, July 17, 2017

Well, it's been a week of unpacking and getting settled. My mom and Bonnie have been here so Billie has been entertained. I don't know what we'll do when Bonnie leaves tomorrow. Billie will be so lonely. My mom and I put in some plants yesterday and my little cottage is starting to look and feel like home again. Mom brought me a picture I sent her when we first bought the cottage. Looks a little different now, no?
Here is a shot from yesterday morning. A red canoe ghosting by in the fog.

Bought some chicken eggs from a neighbor and picked up some blueberries at Beth's. Yum!
And just one more:  Caught Billie sleeping in Mom's suitcase. "Don't go!"

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rain off and on but an easy Saturday drive. Well, until Connecticut. What is up with that State? Always traffic.
We made it to Lexington, MA and my sister's house and Billie met her cousins. She is looking at Izzy here. She had a fabulous time running around with Izzy and Bonnie (more pics to come) while I got to visit with Leslie and Tom and Anna and Will and my mom over a fabulous sushi feast.
 Billie was exhausted afterwards and took another night in a hotel in stride as you can see. Tomorrow we will be home!

And look at the best news of all:

Partly Cloudy
WNW 2 mph92%
W 9 mph50%
JUL 10
Partly Cloudy
SW 8 mph59%
JUL 11
Partly Cloudy
SSW 9 mph70%
JUL 12
Mostly Sunny
NNW 7 mph44%
JUL 13
AM Clouds/PM Sun
N 6 mph49%

Friday, July 7, 2017

So yeah, it's been awhile. The heat and humidity really got me down and I will NEVER stay in Florida in July, June and possibly even May EVER again! I am writing to you from Harrisburg, PA on my way back to Maine: The Way Life Should Be. And boy is that ever true! So anyhoo,
Here's what's been going on with moi up until now.
Tiling the kitchen and throwing up some groovy deco wallpaper in the Airstream. That there is Tom, installing the countertop. The floor looks so good, right? Below, Billie and the mirror I took off the wall.
The girl loves to look at herself. Everybody tells her how cute she is and it's gone to her head
This is my living room. Had to take new pics for my Airbnb site. And hey
if you know of anybody who wants to rent my sweet cottage for
September/October, let me know.
and the bedroom
Ok, so here is Billie in her life jacket and she is not too happy about it. Unfortunately we only had three sessions in the pool and then I hurt my back so guess she will learn to swim in Maine.
And here she is for her summer cut with Michele McBride, doggie groomer extraordinaire and whom I have known for many years. She is threatening to kill Michele. The puppy growls were fearsome (and funny)

Leaving the Fabulous Florida Keys (94 degrees)

Puppy's first night in a motel (NC 98 degrees)

We're not in Florida anymore - the hills of NC today (89 degrees)

And all settled in tonight in Pennsylvania. (83 degrees - YES!) Tomorrow she'll meet extended family.