Thursday, February 26, 2015

So, I wanted to show you my new digs, only a stone's throw from my back door. Yes, I know I just got settled into my new little house but "little" is the key word here and it is just big enough for my mom and dad at night and I needed a little hidey hole and a place for the girls and me to sleep. So my friend, Elaine, rented me her little Airstream. And it is ADORABLE!  Elaine is a quilter so of course, the textiles are super sweet. The inside is painted a pale lime green and it couldn't be cuter, right?
Sophie in front of our home away (just barely) from home.
Facing one way is the sitting area, turn around and you see the beds and beyond, the bathroom. I'm standing in the kitchen.
And, speak of the devils and here they are. Mom and Dad. This is a good picture of my Dad. Usually he has a huge frown on his face from trying to think. This will probably be his last trip to the Fabulous Florida Keys as Alzheimer's continues to rob him of his senses. It is the most despicable disease you can imagine and it is a daily struggle to understand him and, particularly in my mom's case, take care of him. We must do more to fight this horrible illness. It is rare you don't meet someone who has been touched by it in some way.
Sue came over for a swim and brought her friend, Gail, from Cornwall, England. I plan to become best friends with Gail so I can go over and visit her. I've always wanted to go to Cornwall . . . 

And, my hibiscus is looking beautiful these days, one bloom after another. You can see my tomatoes, lettuce and herbs beyond. My mom is helping me in the big garden out front and I'll share some pictures of that next time. My vision is becoming a reality!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Playing catch up

I've taken a little time away from my blog but I don't want you to think it was for any reason associated with the bombshell dropped on me a few weeks ago. Just so you know, I've decided my former husband is not worthy of one more ounce of my energy or thoughts. I am withdrawing my investment in bitterness and hatred so I can invest more fully in the people I love and care about. He may have had a hold on me in the past, but I have chosen to shake him loose and I'm taking back the ability to decide who I am, what I think, how I feel and whom I focus on. That's where my power comes from. I will not let anyone else turn my heart cold or change who I am. And, thank you Dr. Phil for that!

So, I wanted to catch you up on all of my doings as I am sure you've been waiting with bated breath to hear all about life here in the Fabulous Florida Keys. 
Last month, this beautiful princess came to visit me along with her two adorable brothers and her mom and dad. My nephew, Nat's family, and oh how I love them!
Princess Genevieve

Sweet Ben
We had a pizza party in the pool and sorry I don't have any shots of Seth or Sarah. It was a short but sweet visit with good food, good company and lego.

Please, can I come in? I'm not that wet . . . 
Then a couple of weeks ago, we had a water aerobics party for our pal, Chuck, whom we have named "Sultan of Swim". In honor of his 70th, we threw him a little surprise soiree.
 He is such a good guy. We call him our Social Director as he organizes our happy hours. Very important job.
In other news, my mother and daddy have arrived for a couple of months and I will fill you in on them and our little living situation later on.  In the meantime, I want you to see what I've been busy with for these last few weeks and so grateful for the help from my Mom especially and Tom and Lu who came to put the Bird of Paradise in the ground for me.
Lu directs, Tom digs
Here's my before shot . . . 
The bromeliads came from a yard sale and the other plants were raised by my neighbor who sells them out of his yard. Little by little . . .

 Big day at my house when the sod truck arrived. Woohoo!!
and the guys went to work

My mom took the pictures with the dates stamps on. Look how beautiful!! I'll show you some more photos soon.  So as you can see, all is well in Lizzieland.

And now to spread this mountain of mulch . . .