Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So EXCITED because I finally found time to sit down to do a little sewing. And it was wonderful. There has been very little time since I got to the Fabulous Florida Keys in October. Wow, can't believe I've been here that long. Time flies. Anyhoo, I've got six squares done of my black and white challenge that is due by February. I think it is looking so awesome really. It's done with that pineapple trim tool and once you get the hang of it, it's super easy and just looks complicated. I get to have one color in this quilt so I think one square will be either red or an electric blue. Or green. Or pink. Still thinking on that one . . .
Of course I had to take time out for Sophie. She is pretty good about not going in the pool if I'm not there to supervise. I am wishing I had chosen a different deck color. This is light grey and as you can see, I should have chosen mottled brown (if there is such a thing). Most of the mess is from the coconuts Sophie brings by the pool and then proceeds to rip apart. And then there are the doggie footprints.
Throw it mommy!

Happy Sophie

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Here's what I'm reading this morning:
"Every instance since the beginning of time has been a coincidence: A leaf in a tree embodies the combined efforts of the earth, water, wind, stars, and sunshine. When you realize that everything has led to the present, to this moment, you see there's nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be burdened by. The present moment is the moment of arrival-and it took the entire universe to create it. All is as it should be."
Isn't that perfect? That's by Depak Chopra and I love it.

 I snapped pics of my hibiscuses yesterday. And aren't they lovely?

In other news, I went over to say good-bye to my BFF Florence yesterday. I can't believe she is leaving the Fabulous Florida Keys! Oh yes, I cried.
I did not know what to make of Florence when I first met her. I came to realize she says exactly what she thinks and she does not have a mean bone in her body. She is confident in who she is. She is kind and loving, generous and funny. And the girl likes to have fun. I can honestly say that my life is better for knowing Florence. We will miss her so much!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I love my friends. They are the very best Christmas gift I could have wished for! Ok, well them and MY POOL! Yes! It's not done yet but the guys fixed it up so I could swim for Christmas. It is lovely. I needed help with my fence and Sue, Florence and Katrina showed up and four pairs of hands got the job done in no time. I had put the green fabric on a few days ago and we put up the bamboo for additional privacy. You can still see through but until I have a proper fence, this gives the illusion of privacy and it looks quite tropical and fun from the inside.

And speaking of friends, Tom showed up this afternoon in his green holiday shirt with a huge Bird of Paradise for me. As soon as all that dirt is spread, I'll start planting.
I can honestly say this is the best Christmas I've had in five years! It just gets easier and better. So, to you all: Happy, happy Christmas - and all the other holidays, why limit yourself - and a very merry, bright and airy, never scary, not contrary, lovely new year ahead!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I happened to look down when I'd been at work for about an hour yesterday morning. Seriously? I have heard about this but I've never actually done it myself! And yes, I DID get dressed in the dark.
I crack myself up. I really do.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Here's what I've been up to lately. I've got these two rattan chairs that came with the house and I gave them an easy makeover. The only hard part was waiting a week to get the staples for my staple gun - when you live on an island, you don't always have easy access to stuff. I used some home dec I had to cover the kind of plastic-y covers. Super cute!
So yesterday I biked over to Sandy's for a crystal and jewelry sale and met up with some of my peeps. 
Went to the Fisheries with Lu and had lunch next to these two pelicans.
And came home to face Sophie's wrath. She was not allowed out because Gino was outside painting the pool deck.
It's coming along and some day we might even be able to swim in it!
I'm still taking the Forgiveness course. It has taught me that to turn pain into peace, I must choose it. And oh I do. Feeling pretty good about getting through the holidays this year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh we had so much fun yesterday. Went up to Gulfstream Park - have you heard of it? Built in the 30's, the original building is beautiful and very old Miami, with a courtyard where they still parade the beautiful thoroughbreds prior to race time. I was one of those horse crazy girls as a kid so it was a dream come true being so close to these beauties. Also two casinos and bars and restaurants all over the property.
Took a day off and went with BFFs Florence and Laurie on the casino bus from the Civic Club in Key Largo. We spent about 5 minutes in the casino, then downstairs for a bloody mary and to watch these gorgeous animals parade through with their grooms and then with their jockeys.

Then out to the track. We bet on #7 because he had the only female jockey. Didn't know what the heck we were doing so bet on her to win. She came in 3rd - yay! but we didn't know to bet on her to place. Whatever. It was fun cheering her on in this beautiful setting.
the racetrack, Miami highrises in the background
So we watched one race and well, we were hungry (short attention span) so off to Cantino Laredo for Mexican food and it was fabulous. Here is our waiter, Miguel, poor guy. First we all ordered what sounded like especialadades of the house margaritas and when three out of four of us didn't like them, sent them back for the more basic margaritas and he was so gracious and didn't charge us a dime, smiled the whole time. Was probably thinking holy crap get these old broads out of here . . .  haha
And the best part for yours truly? Having a nap on the way home while someone else did the driving. Heaven.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Oy vey, what a way to start the day. Out in the cold at first light with a plastic tray, following Lucy around the yard while she looked at me like, What are you doing, you perv? But I did it. Collected a urine sample so the vet can have a look at her kidneys.

And in much cuter news, here is my little reindeer, Sophie, giving me the get this off my head or I will kill you look. So yeah, neither of the girls were too happy with me today.
And here is some reeeally BIG news:  I have a tree. First time in 5 years, I have a Christmas tree. It is a Norfolk Pine that I can plant in my yard and in future years point out as, This is the tree I planted my first year in my very own little house. I am getting on with my life and I will see how this little tree makes me feel during the holiday. I expect pretty good. Put on some of the ornaments I haven't seen for all these years too. Lots of memories but the past is past and I passed (as Iyanla would say) and I can have another go at it. What a gift!

And just one more:
MOMMY! When the @**&%^can I go swimming!!?

Thursday, December 11, 2014



When I got home from work yesterday, they had poured the deck for my pool. I was so disappointed not to have seen it being done but one mustn't stand in the way of progress. Especially here in the fabulous Florida Keys when even getting workers to show up is a challenge.

And in other news, I painted my bathroom the other night and now I'm working on a dresser. Busy busy. Is it too much? This color is so yummy and gives one quite a healthy glow in the mirror. Bonus!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Went to Christmas party #3 on Saturday. This was the Florida Keys Quilters party and it was held in the community room at the library. Priscilla did a fabulous job of transforming the place. It was all twinkling lights and music and great food.

 There was a contest for best decorated table and they were all great but the elf legs by MaryEllen won the day.
 Priscilla recited 'twas the night before Christmas with props,
 and we did our traditional gift exchange where Edna reads the story about a fabricholic and whenever the word "fabric" comes up, you pass a gift to the left. Much hilarity ensues.
 And when I got home, I finished painting my bedroom. I think it looks peaceful and serene.  I added white to the paint I used on the kitchen/dining room so it's a bit toned down.
Now, what to do with the windows because those vertical blinds have GOT to go.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Went to a fun and fantistic hoedown in honor of Flo and Jim who are leaving the Fabulous Florida Keys for . . . gulp . . . Texas!!! Oh I will miss them so much. Florence tells us she will be back to visit often so everybody is counting on that. Everybody got a hat and bandana upon arrival. We had a catered BBQ feast and a keg; we danced we sang karaoke, we laughed and laughed. A great send off. Here are some snapshots. 
Florence with DJ, Lee Kibbey
Chuck and Jim, two big kids

Connie channels Brenda Lee
Bernie had to leave early to play poker

Lovebirds Deborah and Paul

Jim oversees the BBQ 
Flo's grandaughter, Natalie, hands out 'staches

And the woman in the pale blue cowboy boots?
Jan donated her tiki hut and property for the hoedown.
Thanks, Jan!