Saturday, May 31, 2014

I had such a great day yesterday. Still unpacking and settling in, I had to go to my bank in Wiscasset so of course, I HAD to go to Red's Eats - woot woot!  I got me one of their giant lobstah rolls and took it to the back parking lot in Damariscotta to look out over the water, read the paper and have my lobster roll. Doesn't get much better than that!
monstah roll
Took my trash to the transfer station and did some grocery shopping and then headed over to Moose Crossing where I spent a happy hour choosing some plants for my containers this year. 

 Look how beautiful my little front perrenial bed looks compared to . . .
 . . . less than just 3 weeks ago!

bleeding hearts
 And before I could plant even one plant, a storm rolled in with lots of lovely thunder and lightening and just a few drops of rain.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Home sweet home

My sister, Becky, arrived in Ann Arbor in the wee hours of Thursday and after breakfast, I said goodbye and love you to my Daddy and her and jetted back to Maine. And the very best thing I can say about Delta Airlines is that they didn't kill me. So, thankful for that. Florence met me at the airport and after some wrong turns here and there found our way to Soakology - Props! - where we had a 40 minute massage and a foot soak with tea and crostinis. Awesome place, wonderful women. You must go when you are in Portland, Maine and tell them that Lizzie sent you. It is fabulous.
the view from my armchair
Here is what I saw when I walked in the front door. My beautiful little cottage, my view of the Lake and a VERY warm welcome from my girls. Doesn't get much better than this.

And here is Sophie this morning. Pretty stressed out. HA! That is her stuffed skunk lying next to her. I loved spending time with my daddy and I'm so happy to be home in Maine.
Decadent Doggie
Want to give a shout out to Florence, for taking such great good care of the girls and my homestead. She is:
International Petsitter Extraordinaire!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Check this out. I made this little quilt for my mom when I first started quilting. I remember it so clearly because it was well above my abilities. Had a terrible time with it. I tied it because I had no clue about how to go about quilting the whole thing. Can't believe it's lasted so long - at least um well close to 20 years? Like seeing an old friend. Or frenemy.
Likewise with these placemats. Not nearly so old. Super cute - I think I did them for everybody one Christmas. They are all different front and back. Might make some more . . .
I took my Daddy to daycare again today, The Silver Club. And he liked it!!!! OMG, major breakthrough and I am so happy. Wednesday afternoons are a start, a tiny bit of respite for my mum and hopefully will translate into more.
So, I am loving whenever we hit a pothole or my dad is startled, he says Holy Toot! Never heard him say that in all my life and when I asked if that was an expression from his childhood he said, I expect so. Tonight out of the blue he said, the itty bitties are flying fast!  Made me laugh and then he laughed. It's the little things, you know? 
And what I am not loving so much? 
Only now realized I was sweating profusely and went to look under the note. Yup, he turned it up to 76 again. Note: note does not work.
And there is this:
It goes on the front door. Note: note does not work. 
So, at least one eye open at all times and when I get home to Maine: The Way Life Should Be, I'll sleep.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My BFF, Sue, wrote me tonight and said please send $10 to the Alzheimers Association and I will write you a check. I love her so much. Donations like that make a difference. Thank you, my friend, you are AWESOME!
In all her glory, my friend Sue!

Dad and I have been walking in Gallup Park where there is a super nice boardwalk path along the Huron River (which we called the urine river when we were kids). Spring has turned into summer while I've been here, going from a high of 60 degrees to 84 yesterday. Love this picture of him.

That's all I got this morning. I'm feeling a bit brain dead as he decided 4:00 was a good time to get up, dressed and out the door this morning and by the time I got him back in bed, I couldn't go back to sleep. He is slumbering peacefully still, even as we speak. oy vey

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Been feeling a bit down and depressed - okay alot - but anyhoo, Dad and I went to Trader Joe's this quiet Sunday morning and they had a few bunches of lilacs. Which only happen to be my favorite flower on the planet! So happy and grateful for that and they have made me feel good all day, every time I walk by their lovely scent. 
This is where my parents live, where I am ensconced with Dad and Rose. Nice place, nice people, comfortable and well thought out. So, it's super nice but OMG, Ann Arbor, the little college town I grew up in is now the big city of traffic lights. Add a half hour to go anywhere. Makes me realize how utterly spoiled I am in my little town in Maine and in the Fabulous Florida Keys. So lucky, me.
And, here is the hands down favorite of my father. The beauteous Rose. She is eleven now, crippled and ill but as my dad would say, A Trooper. We all pray nothing happens to Rose because my Dad couldn't handle it. Seriously. Would be bad. And if you were to ask him to choose between any of his daughters and Rose? Well, we are all clear on what that choice would be.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ahhhh Miss Elna and me, quilting again . . .

I started a new circle dance quilt for my bestie, Lu. She loves pink pastels so that is what it shall be. Took over the kitchen and made a start yesterday. 
Put a few of the squares together today and I think it will work - tho the one lavender might be a bit too too.  Will keep you posted.
 And, I took my dad to the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market this morning. Lots of local farms represented with flowers and herbs and meats and cheeses and breads - quite beautiful and popular, the place was packed befoe 8am, but he was not amused and we did not stay long. I could have spent hours. I did buy some fresh sheep's milk feta and some happy ground lamb and a red onion
to make a lamb burger and greek salad for dinner and it was lovely but Rose might not have been feeling well so Daddy didn't really remember, well, eating it. Even while he was eating it.  

And so it goes

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday with Daddy

Today - all day, ALL DAY, our focus was on my Mom. (My lovely mom who is traveling in Spain with my dearest darling niecie, Anna.) All day, all evening, and continuing now 'til I go in to say goodnight.

Dad: Do I know her?
Me: Who?
Dad: The one -- you know . . .
Me: You mean Mom?
Dad: Yes! Wait, my mom?
Me: No, my mom - your wife?
Dad: I'm MARRIED???
Me: Well yeah, that's how you got three daughters and three grandkids.
Dad: Nobody told me! How old is she?
Me: 83.
Dad: What?? Well, what does she look like?
I show him pictures
Dad: Oh, she is gorgie (I think he means gorgeous). She won't want to come here. Will she stay here?
Me: She'll be home in two weeks. She lives here with you.
Dad: She does? I don't remember her.
10 minutes later . . .
Dad: Do I know her?
Me: Who?
Dad: That one you know, him . .
Me: You mean Mom?
Dad: Yes!

you get the picture.  And speaking of pictures, we looked at a lot of them today. Over and over and over and over and over, me pointing out who was who. The one he seemed most confused about was my sister's husband. The jerk who just turned 50 and decided he didn't want to be married any more. When he asks me who he is, I say he's the a&&hole and Dad says, oh yes I remember him now.   hahahaha

Gotta  take the laughs where you can get'em.

ADDENDUM:  Just went in to say goodnight and he is still on about my mum. She's a pretty one. Are you sure we're married? Where did we meet?

* * * * 
So I saw this ad in the Oprah magazine and it said, 

You know that part in the movie where you go back and do one little thing to save yourself? 
Now is that part in the movie.  

I thought that was cool. Please, I beg of you, give something to the Alzheimer's Association (The brains behind savng yours) Even if it's one or five dollars, you can DONATE HERE. You will see it is the Spring Challenge Match and it ends on June 15th - my birthday. So, my friends, what a wonderful present for yours truly. Thanks! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

oy vey what a day

and each one longer than the last. Yet I am focused on gratitude. So lovely to be with my Dad and Rose. Lovely, frustrating, funny, sweet, maddening, irritating and on and on ad infinitum.
Shall I tell you about how my day started by plunging the toilet (don't ask)? The multiple wardrobe changes to convince him that winter was over, summer beginning? How I took him to the Silver Club, an adult daycare place, where the staff is so enthusiastic and sweet and patient but I felt like I was leaving a babe in preschool -- how he took my hand at the last minute - but you're coming too, right?? The constant reassurance that yes, Rose went out, yes she did both things, yes you had your lunch, yes we got the mail, no you don't need your wallet, no we can't go swimming (where?).
So, now the final pills and eye drops installed, the good-nights, under the sheets, love yous, and the sitting down to my emails, and here he comes in nightshirt and socks and boots.  But now is his up there right? No Daddy, Rose has gone to bed and so should you. 
Me too. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well, my Delta flight to Detroit was every bit what I expected it would be, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Enough said about that and I am safely ensconced with my Dad for a couple of weeks.

So, my Daddy has this little memory problem called Alzheimers. Tonight when he says, the other who went down he has none and left up for the down is thin and will later for up going in the year, I weep. Because I know what he is saying is, I love you. Tomorrow anon.

Monday, May 19, 2014

So here I am in Portland waiting for my flight to Detroit with thunderclouds overhead and whipping winds and I am so excited and happy to be flying the friendly skies and having a little adventure and off to visit my Daddy. Yay! I just love getting up in an airplane, especially with all the good news about flying in the media lately. Super excited, that's me!  Woohoo! Can't wait to get up there. Oh, and it's Delta! Wonderful Delta. Now I am sure there have been vast improvements in the comfort, cleanliness and safety of this sweet little tiny itty bitty aircraft. I'm positive that's true. No, nothing can deflect me from the wonderful flight I am about to have. I am just that positive and thrilled about the prospect. Seeya!

I'd barely finished unpacking and cleaning up my garden when it was time to make the run to the airport because guess what? Florence has arrived!!  She will take care of the girls while I jet off to Michigan to be with my Dad.  We went straight for a lobster roll at the Portland icon, DeMillos Floating Restaurant and don't you wish you were here!
lobster roll with Shipyard summer ale
Here she is being greeted by Sophie and Lu, deleriously happy to see her, on another fine soft day, as they say in Ireland (means it's raining.)
And, even though the blackflies aren't biting yet, Flo couldn't wait to get into her gear and get out in the woods with the dogs.
Yesterday, OMG we were so fabulously decadent and we had so much fun. We went to King Eider's, best pub in the universe if you ask yours truly. It was the last Sunday for music so we were front and center. The guys were in fine form.
First things first, we ordered a dozen oysters and you have never had better, I don't care what you say. These select oysters from the Damariscotta are the BEST! We slurped them down and then ordered a pile of steamers. I'd show you a picture of those too but they required both hands to eat so . . . 
We're drinking a toast to Sue, down south in the heat and humidity, because drinks were on her. We miss you, Sue! Wish you were here!
 And finally, a peek at the sunset at the end of this rainy day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Went to the dentist yesterday and snapped this picture of the forsythia. Beautiful. Also out are daffodils and the trees just have a hint of green. We are about a month behind this spring.
Here's the sunset last night through my window as I was too lazy to go outside to snap it. Wish I had a dollar for every sunset I've posted. It's just so gorgeous every evening, I can't help myself.

And lastly, posted on Bits and Pieces this morning, here is something I'd like to see. How about you?
Congressional jump

Monday, May 12, 2014

Feeling a little disconcerted about being in Maine. First of all, the lead story on the news here is that there will be fewer moose hunting permits issued this year because of the tick situation! It seems that the ticks are so bad, they are like vampires, sucking so much blood from the poor mooses, the mooses are getting anemia and dying! Holy crap! Furthermore, Lyme Disease here is at an all time high and expected to go higher this year.
And trust me: NEVER use google images to look up "tick". DON'T DO IT! You WILL be sorry. so gross

So, I'm sitting at my computer this morning and Sophie comes up to demand some attention and I say, hello my little tick magnet and sure enough, I look down and there is a tick climbing up my bathrobe. YIKES!!
This is what I saw when I got out of the shower yesterday and was about to get dressed. Zoiks, I duck walked to the closet and grabbed my robe. When I went for the camera, the guy was so concentrated on his fishing, he never looked up even when the flash went. whew
 I took this picture to show you the work I've got cut out for me but you can't really see all the leaves and tree branches and dead plants, etc. Well, it will have to wait because although I have my car unloaded, I have yet to unpack the Thule on the roof. Where to put it all . . . ?
 And, today is a sunny day and here is my beautiful Lake, the dock up on shore. It is 60 degrees.
That's all I got.

Friday, May 9, 2014

home again

Well, I arrived back in Maine in a cold gray drizzle with few signs of spring. Have to say when I opened the door and walked into my cottage though, I couldn't stop a little exclamation of joy. What a sweet little place I have, bright and sunny inside - I love it so much! I hadn't been here five minutes when the pair of loons cruised up to have a look at me. Nice to be home. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Long slog today through Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and in to Connecticut. Awful traffic and lots of trucks. I DESPISE my former husband on days like these. . . . oh whatever. Not going to go into poor pitiful me, dealing with horrid traffic, lifting an 80-pound dog into the car every 2 hours and on and on ad infinitum. WHATEVER

* * * *

beautiful Federick, Maryland
So, here's yesterday with my BFF, Stacy. Rainy day in Frederick but no problemo as we went to one of our fave places, Delaplaine Arts Center. I was particularly interested in seeing the triaxial weaving by Mary Klotz. Pictures cannot describe. She uses 4mm satin ribbon and her creations are just amazing. I will just post this one only but really you have to see them in person or HERE.
We also saw the juried exhibit and here I post the first place winner. It will be sure to expose me as a total boorish snarky philisteen but I. Just. Don't. Like. It. It was titled "Skin". hmmmmm And for the record, Stacy didn't like it either. In my defense, I do realize that art is not entirely about the aesthetic and that the artist was probably exploring an emotion or making a statement but oh well. sorry but ick . . . 
 And another - particularly baffling - didn't win any award though so ... There was a compass rose in the pink thing, if that helps.
This is what greets you when you walk into the Delaplaine and it is so simple but effective: silver ribbons. So cool really! Simply beautiful and oh so creative.
 Rainy view out of the gallery window.
We were gone all day so loaded up the girls when we got home for a quick trip to the Cunningham Sate Park waterfall hike. A lovely walk and when we got up to the lookout, there was construction of a new walkway in evidence so we had to turn around. Still, it was a nice hike and we saw some lovely woods, heard the rushing water and, check it out: This place, part of the Applachian Mountains, was at one time the highest mountain range on earth! Higher than the Himalayas! Isn't that amazing? 
 Dinner time so we fed the girls in the parking lot after our hike.
So, today really sucked but looking at these pictures in my icky hotel room tonight, I am so grateful for the respite from the road with my friend and my girls. Tomorrow? Two gems.  First, breakfast with my smart and gorgeous and talented niece and then . . . MAINE: THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE!!!