Sunday, December 4, 2016

Time for a little catch-up and no worries, all is going well with yours truly. Been super busy trying to get a quilt done to meet a deadline and I'm getting close. Will share it with you once the recipient has it in hand.

I had a quiet Thanksgiving. Didn't see a soul I knew but did get a single phone call from my sweet friend Sue in Maine. Very peaceful and I was thankful for that. I walked over to Skippers for a margarita and some tuna tartare. Fab! My house is just in the trees behind the boats you see there so I just have to walk around the top of the canal to get there. 
My plumbing problems have followed me from Maine and don't know if you can see this but it is a single leg on a ladder outside my kitchen window. The plumber had to climb up on the roof to snake the sinks about 8 times. Kitchen sink was backing up into bathroom sink. Old iron plumbing just like in Maine.
I took this picture of my backyard to show you what December 1st looks like in the Fabulous Florida Keys. I still haven't finished cleaning up my garden - just too hard to work out there without my Sophie to help - but I'll get there. Beautiful, right? Lucky me.

 This was a sweet little surprise. I was parked by a secret ocean view I know about, having some coffee and waiting until it was time to go to an appointment, when the African Queen came around the corner. Gotta love Key Largo! Really made my day. 

This takes us to yesterday when I went to the annual Christmas party for the Florida Keys Quilters. Wasn't going to go but MaryLou called me and said WHERE ARE YOU? and I hopped in the car and drove down to the garden center for the party and glad that I did.
Maryann made this little quilt. So cute. Hopefully you can enlarge it and see the 12 days of Christmas. Things like Seven Flamingoes Flocking and Six Dolphins Leaping, Nine Manatees Munching and of course the Seagull in the Palm Tree. Great idea. 

That's all for now. It's another beautiful day here in the Fabulous Florida Keys and I plan to go to Our Lady of Perpetual Mimosas this morning, something I have not yet done this season. I'll keep you posted.