Friday, July 31, 2015

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Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Walter Palmer

Friday firesmithLet’s put away all the yelling and screaming for a few moments and look at the facts.

• Walter Palmer killed a lion in 2008 and did it legally.
• Also in 2008, he killed a bear illegally and faced prison time for lying about it to Fish and Game officials. He wound up paying a fine and walking away from it.
• Palmer has been investigated for sexual harassment in the past, also.
• Palmer has killed Leopards, Big Horn Sheep and a sickening array of wildlife in his lifetime.
• Mostly, Palmer kills with a bow and almost exclusively for sport.
So, right now, this guy who has spent his entire life killing animals for the fun of it, is telling us he had no idea at all he was making an illegal kill.
Palmer has been skirting around laws all of his life in his bloodlust and suddenly he’s the victim of an innocent misunderstanding? He got the hell out of Zimbabwe pretty quickly, didn’t he? But quickly isn’t what’s important to Palmer most of the time..
The 13-year-old black mane lion suffered a slow and painful death, according to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force.
The hunters lured him out of the park, the conservation group said, and Palmer then shot the lion with a bow and arrow, a method he is known for. But the arrow wasn’t enough to kill Cecil, who survived for another 40 hours until the hunters tracked him down and shot him with a gun.
Palmer’s henchmen lured a lion named Cecil, who was accustomed to being around humans and photographed heavily by tourists, out of a protected area and then shot him with a cross bow. Cecil carried that arrow around with him for nearly two days before he collapsed and was shot with a rifle. The “sportsman” then directed his cronies to destroy the GPS collar on Cecil to hide the crime, then beheaded Cecil and skinned him.
The “trophies” were later recovered from the two men who had helped Palmer kill a defenseless animal. In the past, Palmer has smugly laughed at those who suggested that his vanity wasn’t as important as the lives of those animals he’s killed.
This time it is a lot different.
This time Palmer finds himself being hunted. His dentistry practice has been closed down. His home phone and cell phone has been turned off. His FB page, his families FB pages, and the FB pages of every one of his employees have been shut down. Anyone remotely connected to Walter Palmer has discovered that there are a lot of people out there more than just a little mad about this. It’s a level of fury usually reserved for child molesters and the people who talk during movies.
Suddenly, Walter Palmer has discovered that his home address can be found through a search of Minnesota State registry of dental practices. He’s discovered that there is no hiding on the internet from people with the intent of finding him. He’s being hunted and he’s helpless against those who have decided that this hunt will be one for Walter to remember.
Just on FB, I read his address, his phone numbers, the address of his practice, saw photos of his employees, saw photos of his family, and everywhere he’s lived in the last twenty years.
Wow. Damn, Walt, I think you might have shot the wrong lion this time!
Here’s the thing; for every one thousand people who are screaming and yelling, there’s only one person willing to do anything at all, and that person is most likely just tracking down personal information. That’s a nuisance and it’s real, but that’s not the problem.
For every thousand people willing to do something only one is likely to cross over into territory that can be defined as true stupidity.
Right now, there are thousands and thousands of people screaming and yelling about this.
I don’t think the man deserves to die for this and I hope no one punishes his family to get to him. This reduces all of us who are outraged down to his level; blood sport for some inner satisfaction.
I say we send him to Zimbabwe and let him do some time in their prison system.
Five years of learning what real helplessness looks like in a Zimbabwean jail sounds like justice form where I am. I just hope that he lives to see it.
Take Care,Mike 
Mike writes regularly at his site:  The Hickory Head Hermit

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lucy's Lilac is blooming!

I found this sweet picture of her the other day. Lulu has been gone three months now and I miss her so much, words cannot describe the hole she left in my life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I took the day off on Friday to go up to the Maine Quilts show in Augusta. Had a lovely time and came home to find my safe clean little home under siege.  By revolting disgusting flies. Hundreds of them. It has been quite cool here but I've never seen these cluster flies during the summer and I've never had them in this house. Gross! So I went out to the hardware store and bought fly strips. The woman behind the counter said she's been selling lots of them in the past few days. So now my sweet little cottage has sticky fly strips hanging everywhere with dead bodies stuck on them. And there are still flies all over the place. Disgusting.
Anyhoo, on to more important matters. Here are a few pix of the quilt show. It was pretty good this year. Great vendors too and the temptations were in some cases, too hard to resist. Got some cool new gadgets.
 Thought I would dodge the weekend crowds but the place was packed.

This next quilt is impressive. It represents Maine and the blocks are the traditional quilt block and an applique. Flying Geese block and a flying goose, Pine Tree block and three pine trees, Bear's Paw block and a bear, etc. Awesome.

Thread painting. Must have taken her years.
Personally, I'd rather open a vein.

Wow. That is a lot of paper piecing! Really impressive.

Clever and creepy. The eyes were buttons.

My favorite. Love this!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My friend, Ann, and I set out yesterday for a little wine tasting. The weather was perfect for it - gray and spritzing a bit. We started off at Cellar Door Winery where we sampled four wines and had some cheese that was out of this world: Cotswold Cheddar. Oh it was good. The wine sucked but hey! this is Maine. Not exactly known for it's wine. Next we went to Savage Oakes where the wine was even worse, if that is possible, but the landscape was beautiful and the lady at the tasting bar was fun.
Cellar Door vines
 Next up: Sweetgrass Winery. I love Sweetgrass, a simple place in a big barn plus they make the most wonderful gin and they make smash. Their wine is horrid but this is Maine, people. Not northern California.
We were hungry and realizing we were near Morse's Sauerkraut, off we went to the Kraut House where we split their fabulous ruben and the famous Kraut Balls. (Yes, that is really what they are called.) Yum! A fun day and all I wanted when I got home was a nap.

And check it out. July 18th and I needed a fire in the fireplace to take the chill off. Maine may have lousy wine but it is still The Way Life Should Be!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My sister and my niece came for a visit, short but sweet. We spent 80 percent of our time on the dock and in the Lake (it was hot!) and the other 20 percent trying to fix the toilet. oy
Anna left yesterday for a semester abroad in Australia and oh will she ever be missed. I think my sister and her husband have already gone through a case of kleenex. She is such a lovely person, inside and out. Please come back to us - the Aussies can't have you for more than one semester!
On Monday, Anna and I went for our ritual Strawberry Shortcake for Breakfast at Beth's Farmstand and seriously, if you have never had it, you really haven't lived. It is phenomenal and the best we've ever had (sorry, Mom).
homemade biscuit, whipped cream and fresh berries
beautiful Beth's
My garden looking summery
My intrepid sister. Nothing worked and we finally had to call a plumber.
We went for dinner at King Eider's and Anna and I had breakfast on Tuesday at Chrissy's downtown (love their Mexican Rice Bowl-yum!). We are big breakfast girls.
It was so wonderful to have them here and I will miss my Anna like cuh-razy!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Well, the fourth of July holiday was a whirlwind of activity, especially for yours truly who doesn't get out much.
Lu and Tom came up from Florida and Catherine and Ebner came up from Mass so I had a house full. I gave Lu and Tom my room; Sophie and I moved to the guest room, and Catherine and Ebner took the couch. Tom cooked us breakfast every morning and Catherine took care of lunch. Divine decadence! On the fourth, we met up with Wendy, took a picnic and went to the Round Pond Parade. It's been a few years and it did not disappoint.
Then lunch in the park, dinner at King Eider's (beginning with the best oysters you've ever had) and off for a cruise on the 50-foot River Tripper for more oysters, a beautiful sunset and fireworks over the harbor.
On Sunday, another beautiful day and after Barbie Dreamboat had a good cleaning, we took a shakedown cruise and enjoyed a day at the Lake. The water is perfect for swimming and I took my kayak out for the first time this year.
Lobster dinner and a sunset cruise capped off the weekend. It was lovely.
Here are a few pictures from small town Maine.

Lu and Tom
Tom with some guy at the parade who had matching shorts
Lu strikes a pose.
Enjoying their hotdogs - how cute is that?
Quilt show at the Little Brown Church
hot dogs at the other church
check out the gorgeous quilt behind the altar, made by my friend Carole
Dot's Bakery float
My friend, Daphne
This was funny - click to enlarge
This was so cool. See the guy in the brown blanket at the end?
At intervals, he runs to the front of the line, gets on his knees and covers up to become Iwo Jima.

Game "on" Thrones (i.e., sitting on toilets, playing cards!)

Making fun of the republican candidatees. FYI Rt 32 goes through Round Pond - get it?

Tacky Tourists lawn chair brigade

Catherine and Lu on our front row seats
Later, we went to town and had a picnic and ordered our lobsters for the next day. Then home to see the doggies before we headed out for dinner and the fireworks.
Damariscotta lunch

Lu, Catherine and Wendy waiting to board the River Tripper
Thar she is. Almost low tide and here you see a phenomenon called reversing falls that occurs twice a day in the Damariscotta River. Looks wild and crazy but doesn't last long.

Cruising the river
The fireworks begin over the town. 
Ebner settles in for the night-is he a dollbaby or what?
Sunday morning and the crew gets to work - bless
First cruise of the season
Second cruise of the season!

Good night, Barbie Dreamboat
I count myself lucky to have such wonderful friends, whom I love and who love me back. A priceless gift.