Thursday, August 31, 2017

Quick catch-up

Got together with Ann for strawberry shortcake at Beth's Farm Market . . .
. . . while Billie looked on.

learning to swim

Glued my foot to my shoe. sigh. Took a couple of hours to disengage.
Beautiful sunflowers

Billie in her carseat

fog lifting

Eclipse! How cool was that?

Pastel masterpiece by Gloria
Sue and Bonnie arrived from the Fabulous Florida Keys last week. OMG we laughed our butts off all day every day for a week. When we weren't eating seafood! They flew into Boston so Billie and I went down and we had dinner at my mom's place. Below are my mom and Sue.

 And my dearest darling niecie, Anna.

Sue and Billie spend the night 

Bonnie and Billie catch some telly

At Shaw's lobsta pound

Caught Beau Soleil with Michael Doucet at the Boothbay Harbor Opera House
 And then there was this.

A couple of days in Bar Harbor

Drinks at the spectacular Balance Rock Inn with Gloria!

 And then there was more of this

Me as a dude. Rather Brad Pitt-ish, right?

Cadillac Mountain

Pemaquid Light

Shopping at Mexicali Blues - matching bracelets

Lobsta on our last night

Where'd the girls go?
Awful quiet around these parts now!

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