Sunday, June 11, 2017

A gift

Such a lovely surprise to see my nephew, Nat, and family for the weekend! I love to spend time with them and since they can't come to Maine this summer, this weekend is all the sweeter. We had some good drenching rain so the pool is cooler and really refreshing and of course, in the AC there are always card games.

Seth hanging out
In other news, Billie got an intro to the groomer and now you can see her eyes. She was a bit of a drama queen about it but Michelle was a great and gentle teacher so I think she is going to adjust easily to it. Weird having a dog that doesn't shed but instead grows all this sweet fluffy hair. And check this out: I'm supposed to "pluck" the hair inside her ears! Say wha ?
Chillin in her big girl carseat

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