Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's wrong with this picture?

My beautiful back yard
I'll tell you what's wrong with this picture: it's beautiful to look at but it's like a bazillion degrees out there and don't get me started on the humidity, so it's impossible to go out and enjoy it. The pool is a steamy 91 degrees in the afternoon! It feels refreshing for about 2 seconds but only because the air is even hotter. Bleh.

So here I am in hot humid Florida while it is cool and rainy and delicious up in Maine. Why you may ask?  Well, because of Billie. That's a long trip for a little puppy and then there is the issue of the springtime ticks up north. It's a lose-lose. Heat and humidity vs blood sucking vampires. There's gotta be a better way but I don't know what it is. 

For now I'm just grateful to have the best of both worlds. But June in Florida? Never again!

New harness 

Billie has outgrown her travel crate so here she is in her new harness which clips in to her new carseat. The seat is elevated so she can see out the window. Here we are driving by the park so she can see it. Because it's too freaking hot to get out and walk in it.  Bad mommy! Bad bad!

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